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CBUCK Engineering is a specialty structural engineering firm, which focuses on product approvals, Code evaluation research reports and qualified site specific permit design.

CBUCK Engineering's dedicated and resourceful staff has extensive experience in assisting Florida, national and international firms to obtain product approvals. By working closely with the Florida Building Commission, Miami-Dade Building Code Compliance & International Code Council Evaluation Services, we have successfully facilitated hundreds of product approvals and evaluations. Our knowledge and experience will facilitate the process as we walk you through the series of steps and requirements necessary to expedite your product approvals and research reports. In addition, because of our understanding of the "business of business", we strive to structure your product evaluation in such a way to give the widest use within the limits of use.

James L (Jimmy) Buckner, P.E., SECB, President of CBUCK Engineering has over thirty years experience in product testing, evaluation, approvals, wind engineering design, owner of a design-build commercial general construction firm and engineer for a national building product manufacturer,.For both national and international clients experience counts in obtaining agreement on complex technical and bureaucratic issues.


  • Code compliance research
  • Florida: State product evaluations, reports, validation and approval processing
  • Miami-Dade: Notice of Acceptance (NOA) product evaluation reports and approval processing for High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ)
  • International Code Council-evaluation services (ICC-ES) engineering reports and processing Code Evaluation Research Reports (Florida Building Code, International Building Code)
  • Florida Dept. of Education (DOE) Roof Approvals
  • Texas Dept. of Insurance (TDI) Evaluations engineering reports and processing
  • National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA / ICC-500) Evaluations
  • Test selection, planning & coordination
  • Site specific design submitted for local product approvals
  • Miami-Dade: One-Time / Site specific product approval engineering and submittal
  • Green building products consultation
  • Reports for code compliance
  • Wind storm damage assessment


CBUCK, Inc. Florida Certificate of Authorization #8064


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